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Boutique Opera does “the Jones boy” proud

Apparently there were five different scores for German’s light opera, premiered in Manchester in 1907.  Since it became so popular, it was performed frequently, the last version being from 1913; a concert version for performance by choral societies (sung by the Orpheus Choir’s predecessor in the Hutt Valley in 1953 and 1957). Michael Vinten has taken the music from various versions of  Tom Jones, including film and television versions, introducing... read more

Audience cheers the last of the NZSO’s Brahms concerts

In this concert, unlike any of the others in this series, the major works were both in minor keys.  However, it started with a work of a cheerful and light nature, described by Inge van Rij in her pre-concert talk, as “Popular and serious styles working hand in hand”. It was pleasing to see a much bigger audience at this concert.   Obviously there are many people for whom the weekend... read more

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