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Now on CD! – Claire Cowan’s incandescent score for the RNZB’s recent “Hansel and Gretel”, played by the NZSO with Hamish McKeich

By , 22/12/2020
After reading various reviews of the Royal New Zealand Ballet’s production of Auckland composer Claire Cowan’s Hansel and Gretel, toured by the company during 2019, I’m left feeling like one of the “gentlemen of England now abed” from Shakespeare’s Henry V play, those whom the monarch prophesised would “think themselves accurs’d” for not being at Agincourt to share in the splendour of the occasion’s success. And now, having listened... read more

Cataclysmic conclusion to Orchestra Wellington’s Diaghilev season

By , 02/12/2017
This concert began with two of the most famous chords in all nineteenth-century music, those which opened a thrilling performance by Orchestra Wellington of Beethoven’s “Eroica” Symphony, the work by which the composer allegedly intended to celebrate the achievements of Napoleon Bonaparte, but changed his mind, and, according to an eye-witness account, scratched out the original dedication, and reinscribed it as “composed in memory of a great man”. Napoleon or... read more

RNZ Ballet’s Coppélia – evening of delight and fantasy

By , 17/04/2014
Even if one didn't know anything about the origins of the works involved, it's a simple matter to figure out links between Delibes' wonderful ballet Coppélia, and another French work for the stage, Offenbach's Les Contes d'Hoffman (The Tales of Hoffman) - each work contains references to mechanical dolls made to masquerade as human beings. In fact both works drew elements of their scenarios from the same source, which was... read more

The Royal NZ Ballet’s Swan Lake – classic and freshly-minted

By , 18/07/2013
This was opening night of the season, and I had not seen a performance of Swan Lake in the theatre for many years – so I was, one might say, on this occasion, energized, expectant and attuned. It was a special occasion in a much wider sense as well – sixty years ago Danish emigre Poul Gnatt, who had been a principal with the Royal Danish Ballet, set up the... read more

Stravinsky from the Royal New Zealand Ballet

By , 20/05/2011
Opportunities both gloriously taken and frustratingly unrealized - that was my immediate reaction to the Royal New Zealand Ballet's "Stravinsky traversal" during which we saw and heard settings of the music for two of the composer's ballets, (including the infamous Le Sacre du Printemps) and a full-scale production of Petroushka, both works among the most famous of their kind of all time. Allowing time for my feelings to settle... read more

Royal New Zealand Ballet puts Stravinsky in the limelight

By , 06/05/2011

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