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Extreme Lands

By , 21/08/2009
"Extreme Lands" was an event incorporating sound (live and recorded), words, and images, imaginatively curated by Wellington composer Alexandra Hay. There were four items on the programme, beginning with "Cigarettes for Ping Pong" by experimental singer-songwriter Carol Micallef, which she sang in her attractive voice, accompanying herself on a tiny retro synth, with the aid of erstwhile guitarist Dylan Lardelli on viola. Alexandra Hay's own work, "Moon Song", utilized a text... read more

Pia Palme – Austrian Connections from Caprice Arts

By , 14/08/2009
This concert organized by the enterprising Caprice Arts Trust featured an adventurous array of contemporary music. At the more conservative, conscientiously-constructed end of the spectrum, Denmark's Soren Nils Eichberg's "4 Pieces for Bassoon and Piano" effectively showcased the artistry of their commissioner, New Zealander Ben Hoadley. Much of the first piece involved the bassoon in a dialogue with itself across its different registers, from deep and mellow to high and... read more

Ensemble Selisih – making the difference

By , 12/08/2009
"Selisih", an Indonesian word meaning "argumentative discussion", was the name given by German composer Dieter Mack to his duo for alto and baritone saxophones. Mack, now on his third visit to New Zealand in a professional capacity, has lived in Indonesia studying gamelan performance practice, and (partly inspired by this) has made the interactions between players, one of the fundamental principles of his music. The name was subsequently adopted... read more

Contemporary Rites – Xenia Pestova and Pascal Meyer

By , 19/07/2009
Is ballet music programme music when performed without the ballet? If it is, then is it "about" the dance action onstage, or is it, instead, more "about" the story and images that inspired the ballet's  scenario in the first place? If so, then Stravinsky (famous for the dictum that music expresses only itself) may, paradoxically, have written one of the greatest tone poems of the twentieth century. These were some... read more

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