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Fine recital by Douglas Mews on St Andrew’s chamber organ

I was asked by the young man to whom I gave a ride into town on Wednesday, when I told him I was going to an organ recital: “Why do skeletons not play music in church?” Answer:  “Because they have no organs.”  But St. Andrew’s on The Terrace has two, and it was refreshing to hear the chamber organ this time. What was even more refreshing was to see it... read more

A long and circuitous route from the Guildhall

By , 27/03/2013
"…..a musical reunion? - ooh, yes, a lovely idea! Remember some of those things we unearthed and played, and had so much fun with? Yes, they'll sound great, especially with a few wines, and plenty of yummy food - what's that? A concert? You mean, the real thing? - an audience? - Ooo-er! - eh? - what was that? - No, not at all! - I'm on if you... read more

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