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Pianist John-Paul Muir at Waikanae

Waikanae Memorial Hall

Sunday 11 July 2010, 2.30pm

A well-filled Memorial Hall enjoyed a treat of poetry on the piano.

John-Paul Muir is young, but in total command of the piano. He makes the instrument his own, and he has thought a lot about his interpretations. He played entirely without the scores in front of him... read more

“From Garden To Grave” – Margaret Medlyn and Bruce Greenfield

By , 11/07/2010
It's said that piano recitals and song recitals don't draw the crowds sufficiently for them to be financially viable undertakings on a regular basis - just why this is, when some of the world's greatest music has been written for each of these genres by nearly all of the great composers taxes my understanding somewhat. The perception seems to be that with chamber music there are a number of... read more

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