Another interesting lunchtime concert at Wesley, Taranaki Street

Nielsen: Quintet for woodwinds, Op.43

Whirlwind: Eshian Teo (flute), Jose Wilson (oboe, cor anglais), Andrzej Nowicki (clarinet), Kylie Nesbit (bassoon), Alex Morton (French horn)

Winter @ Wesley; Wesley Methodist Church, Taranaki Street

Wednesday, 28 July at 12.30pm

Whirlwind was the delightful name chosen by a quintet of wind players who performed the last of the Winter @ Wesley series of concerts.

This was a group of highly skilled wind players, who gave a fine account of an attractive work by Nielsen.  It contained plenty of variety, and good opportunities for each player to shine.  The allegro first movement and second movement minuet were fairly short, but colourful.

The last movement featured first a prelude, using the cor anglais (which I recently learned should be translated ‘angled horn’, not ‘English horn’), followed by an adagio theme and variations, in which Jose Wilson reverted to oboe.  A wonderful hymn-like theme, with gorgeous harmonies, was followed by eleven delightful variations, in which each instrument had solos, and ended with a repeat of the chorale.

This was an innovative programme.  It was a surprise to hear the same work played on Radio New Zealand Concert that very night!  The Whirlwind players did not suffer by comparison.


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