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Wellington Community Choir’s 5th Birthday Gala Concert

By , 18/09/2010

The printed programme accompanying this rousing and heart-warming event contained a number of enthusiastic testimonials from members of the Wellington Community Choir regarding the group and their activities, one of which I thought beautifully summed up the reason people get involved with music, be they music-makers or listeners:

"...The choir is a place where I found my inner voice. Not only my singing voice, but my real inner... read more

Donald Nicolson at the Maxwell Fernie organ


A small audience heard a fine recital on this splendid pipe organ.  Unfortunately the printed programme, which did not bear the date, had some of the items in the wrong order, and movements did not all appear printed.   The corrected version appears above

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From darkness to light – soundscapes of the mind from the NZSO

By , 18/09/2010
I liked this programme because it broke the mould - it didn't follow the concert format which the NZSO seems to visit more often than not, to the detriment of pieces such as Ravel's enchanting Pavane pour une Infanta défunte (or, Pavane for a Dead Princess). The common concert layout (overture, concerto, interval,  symphonic-type work) is obviously favoured by orchestral managements because it provides variety over the course of... read more

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