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Organist Elke Voelker in excellent varied programme at the Basilica

Probably not many people beyond the organist fraternity know the music of Sigfrid Karg-Elert, who lived from 1877 to1933. Elke Voelker is part of the way through recording all the composer’s organ works on CD, and on Sunday she played one of his compositions, plus two transcriptions that he made of famous orchestral pieces.

Poor attendance at the recital may have been due to the inclement... read more

New Sounds – SMP Ensemble, Magda Mayas, Tony Buck and Hermione Johnson

By , 06/03/2011

Sunday 6 March 2011

After funding was withheld from leading NZ contemporary group Stroma for this year, the senior-student/recent-graduate ensemble SMP was

left to carry the torch for new "concert" music - at least for Wellington. Thankfully, some money was made available by Creative NZ for "Interiors I", the first of two presentations exploring subtleties of tone colour and aspects of player interaction. All but one... read more

VECTOR WELLINGTON ORCHESTRA – whatever the weather……

By , 06/03/2011
As comedian Michael Flanders, of "At the Drop of a Hat" fame, might have said, "If the gods had intended us to listen to music outdoors, they would never have given us weather!". Such was the case on the weekend, when, to the intense disappointment of all concerned, the Vector Wellington Orchestra's annual family concert sortie to the grounds of Government House had to be relocated to the Michael... read more

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