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Highly attractive lunchtime guitar recital at St Andrew’s

This was a most attractive programme, offering a selection from some of the best original music and arrangements for classical guitar. The Villanesca by Granados opened with an almost inaudible pianissimo that built up gradually in volume with astonishing control as Owen Moriarty revealed the intricate, opposing melodic  lines of the writing, then allowed them to recede gradually into breathless silence at the conclusion. The Albeniz Sevilla, one of the... read more

MFC proves fine venue for superb string quartet plus clarinet concert

The gorgeous opening of the Weber quintet told the audience that we were in for a treat of mellifluous tonalities and contrasting sonorities.  Here was a wonderful programme of music by clarinet-loving composers. Any concerns I had about chamber music in the Michael Fowler Centre were quickly dissipated.  Admittedly, I was seated only seven rows from the front; a colleague seated elsewhere did not find the acoustic as satisfactory.  The... read more

Lower Hutt Little Theatre gets new Steinway, but several much cheaper improvements still needed

By , 04/05/2014
On Sunday friends of the piano were invited to see and hear the new Steinway that had been bought for the Lower Hutt Little Theatre. Replacing the earlier Steinway which had been used in the Little Theatre since the 1950s, it had arrived and been run-in. Ten years ago at the urging of players, teachers and audiences the Hutt City Council set about building up a fund for the purchase... read more

NZSO scores a success in recent music delving some of the world’s tragedies

By , 03/05/2014
The Symphony of Sorrowful Songs The spectre of a half-filled auditorium for a major NZSO concert featuring Gorecki’s famous symphony which had filled this same hall, and halls all over the world, through the 1990s, came as a shock. Though its first performances outside Poland in the 1980s were roundly abused by most critics, in a typical review, "simply adding to the decadent trash that encircled the true pinnacles of avant-gardism”... read more

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