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St.Matthew Passion rich and dramatic from Wellington’s Bach Choir

By , 26/03/2015
When looking through various articles in search of a thought-provoking quote with which to begin this review, I found a number which set me upon my ear! - or perhaps that should be my eye! - of course I had to choose only one, for fear of being accused of using other people's words to write most of the review for me! After some soul-searching, my choice was a... read more

Quintessential music-making from the Brodskys

By , 26/03/2015
Reading about the Brodsky Quartet brings much pleasure and a few surprises: the group was formed thirty-five years ago in Manchester, and was named after Adolf Brodsky, the great nineteenth-century Russian violinist notable for premiering Tchaikovsky's Violin Concerto in 1881, and whose career eventually took him to Manchester, in England, where he became Principal of the Royal Manchester College of Music. Two of the original Quartet are still with... read more

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