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Bartók’s Duos on folk music from two violists, Donald Maurice and Claudine Bigelow

Despite the atrocious weather in Wellington the audience was of a reasonable size at what was a lecture-recital rather than a concert – but none the worse for that. Donald Maurice is well known locally as a violist, and as one of the performers and the promoter of Alfred Hill’s string quartets recordings. Caroline Bigelow came here from the Brigham Young University School of Music on a Fulbright scholarship, to work... read more

Interesting assortment of arrangements for viola ensembles from the New Zealand School of Music

By , 09/05/2012
Viola students at the New Zealand School of Music have formed this group which has given several concerts in Wellington as well as at the International Viola Conference in Sydney. The programme listed seven players who took part but not identified in each of the trios, quartets, quintets and the final sextet; plus one, Andrew Filmer, who played in the Mozart. Their programme was, of necessity, rather odd-ball, for not... read more

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