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Ensembled delights from the NZSM Saxophones at St.Andrew’s

By , 27/05/2015
There's more "classical" music written for the saxophone than you might think exists - after all the instrument has been around since 1846, and as such is more "established " than its twentieth-century prominence in jazz might suggest. Still, there remains an "exoticism" about the instrurment's particular sound for classically-attuned ears such as mine(!), and one which I find particularly exciting whenever I hear it, be it solo, in... read more

Gala recital to invest the new piano at Lower Hutt Little Theatre

By , 25/01/2015
Though the new Steinway piano has been played before, this was a special concert hosted by Chamber Music Hutt Valley to welcome it formally and to attempt to pay off the remaining cost. Thus the players all performed without fees and the Hutt City Council did not charge for the theatre, and at the concert’s end it was announced that the Little Theatre Piano Trust had gained some $10000... read more

Polished and delightful lunchtime with winds at St Andrew’s

By , 12/11/2014
To return from a nearly two-month trip in Europe to a Wellington rich with such plentiful and excellent live music has been a considerable consolation. Not that I ever underestimated the phenomenon of a fairly small city with such a wealth of practising musicians, plus their indispensable facilitating by enterprising impresarios and concert managers such as St Andrew’s enjoys. In the Paris weeklies Officiel des spectacles or Pariscope, in a... read more

Diverting woodwinds a delight from first to last at St Andrew’s

This was a concert I headed to with simply no idea of what to expect. It proved to be a delight from first to last. All the works explored the less frequently heard registers and timbres of the various instruments involved, and all evoked moods of reflection and introspection that are not often associated with music for instruments like the saxophone family. It has always baffled me why “classical”... read more

NZSM students get the wind up

This concert featured students from the N.Z. School of Music’s Woodwind Department, which is headed by Deborah Rawson, longtime backbone of so much creative wind and saxophone activity in Wellington. The recital was presented by four highly competent and musical students who amply demonstrated that they are blossoming under Deborah’s oversight. The programme opened with clarinetist David McGregor and pianist Kirsten Simpson playing two Romances from R. Schumann’s Op.94. The... read more

Variable winds at St.Andrew’s over lunchtime

This lunchtime programme was a rare opportunity to hear live performances of these wonderful wind ensembles from Mozart’s pen. They were presented with the assurance one would expect from such seasoned musicians, who clearly revelled in the chance to present these works. K 375 was first composed in 1781 for wind sextet (without oboes) and performed outdoors in several Salzburg locations on the evening of a lady’s name day... read more

Quintessential winds at Old St.Paul’s

To be able to hear music of such interesting variety and high standard at a free concert is a privilege indeed. The Ibert pieces were a great way to start.  They were quirky Ibert at full play, in the opening dance-like Allegro.  There were many fast runs for the smaller instruments, and leaping intervals for the bassoon.  The Andante began as a duet for clarinet and flute, with charming interweaving... read more

Saxophones for all seasons from the NZSM

The puzzle of this concert was that it was advertised, and titled on the programme cover, as ‘Original and transcribed works from Vivaldi to today’, yet the earliest composer featured was Berlioz!  However, I’m not sure that I would have enjoyed Vivaldi on saxophones, so am not mourning the lack. The items were introduced by Deborah Rawson, Head of Woodwind at the School, in brief, interesting and lively fashion –... read more

Fair, fresh winds from home

A concert featuring two world premières is not a common event in New Zealand.  However, this was the case on Wednesday. The concert began, though, with a work from 1977, of Edwin Carr.  It was titled Two Mansfield Poems, and the two beautiful poems by Katherine Mansfield were included with the printed programme: ‘Sanary’ (1916) and ‘Sleeping Together’ (1908).  The first piece echoed the sunny day of the first poem ... read more

Zephyr – breaths of fresh air

By , 23/09/2012
What a joy when one literally stumbles across a piece of music that then becomes a favorite! I didn't even know wind quintets existed when, way back during my formative music explorations in the Palmerston North Public Library (what an Aladdin's Cave of a place!) I chanced across an LP recording by the Philadelphia Wind Quintet. "Nielsen", it said on the cover - and "Barber" as well, if I... read more

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