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Simon O’Neill and Terence Dennis in conversazione for Wagner Society

By , 28/02/2010

Simon O’Neill was one of the soloists in the performance of Mahler’s Eighth Symphony with the NZSO two nights before; the following Friday he would sing a number of chunks of Wagner, again with the NZSO.

He needed to protect his voice; in addition, he had a cold – he told us his daughter had coughed in his face a few... read more

A truly festive “Symphony of a Thousand”

By , 26/02/2010
No, it wasn't opera, but it was in its own way as spectacular, and as an occasion did give a "festive" kind of thrill for all concerned, which was exactly what was wanted. This most flamboyant of all of Mahler's works (its nickname "Symphony of a Thousand" stemming from the first public performance in Munich in 1910, conducted by the composer, in which 858 singers and 171 instrumentalists took... read more

‘Home’, a musical play of New Zealand and World War I

By , 25/02/2010

The New Zealand war, so advertised in the production’s publicity, turns out to be not the land wars of the 19th century, but World War I, specifically the Gallipoli experience to which it has become fashionable to attribute the emergence of some sort of national New Zealand soul and identity.

The Tudor Consort sings Byrd

By , 13/02/2010

The Tudor Consort’s first concert of 2010 was wholly devoted to vocal liturgical music by William Byrd, apart from the inclusion of two of his keyboard fantasias played by Douglas Mews.

The choir’s director, Michael Stewart, spoke before the concert about Byrd’s two volumes of... read more

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