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Wellington Orchestra opens the season in fine form

By , 17/04/2010
The Wellington Orchestra’s 2010 season does not have such a conspicuous theme as the two previous seasons have had. This year the anniversaries are being celebrated: while I am personally affected by such curiosity, not everyone is urged to place everything in a historical continuum. So the first concert was about this year, and marks it with a piece by a New Zealand composer first performed at this concert... read more

New Zealand Secondary Students’ Choir astonish in competition sampler

Listening to a choir of young singers is always exhilarating; to hear the New Zealand Secondary Students’ Choir is more than that.  These young people, from secondary schools throughout the country sing well, and their discipline, balance and consistency of tone and pronunciation are exemplary. What is even more astonishing is that the whole of their programme that was well over an hour long, was sung from memory.  This included... read more

New Zealand String Quartet: Lower Hutt

As the excellent programme note for the opening work said, “there is enough musical meat here for us to enjoy the work on its own terms” despite the lack of subtlety employed by its composer in his extreme youth: he was only thirteen when he wrote it.

It was played with the usual NZSQ care, commitment and attention to detail. The players illuminated all the felicities in this... read more

TEN: anniversaries of 2010

By , 13/04/2010

New Zealand String Quartet and Diedre Irons at Waikanae

By , 11/04/2010
Waikanae’s chamber music concerts take place in a large hall which is equipped for indoor sports and so it has a high roof and is much longer and wider than needed for music other than on the scale of a symphony orchestra. The size is mitigated somewhat by the players being in a recessed stage at one end; that helps focus the sound. The result nevertheless, is a sound that... read more

Sweet, Seductive Sounds – La Musica Antica at Te Papa

By , 11/04/2010
La Musica Antica consisted of singers and instrumentalists from different performing groups in Wellington coming together to charm and delight an audience with some utterly gorgeous sounds from the late Renaissance/early Baroque era, all secular music, and mostly on the topic of love.  A programme with English translations of the songs was provided at the concert, but I had little recourse to refer to mine during the performances, so... read more

Grief and Grandeur – New Zealand Symphony Orchestra

By , 10/04/2010
At the beginning of the concert the NZSO's Chief Executive, Peter Walls, brought the Chilean Ambassador Luis Lillo onto the platform to speak to the audience. The Ambassador talked about the devastation in Chile in the wake of February's major earthquake, and thanked the orchestra and the concertgoers present for their support of the Chilean Earthquake Humanitarian Relief Fund. The NZSO has announced that all proceeds from programme sales... read more

Chamber Music Hutt Valley emboldened to survive

By , 08/04/2010

The Tudor Consort – Holy Week Lamentations

By , 02/04/2010
Thanks to Vaughan Williams' well-known Fantasia for String Orchestra, the musical language of Thomas Tallis (c.1505-1585) has a familiar ring for many concert-goers. The composer's intensely melancholy minor modes with their "dying fall", were quoted by Vaughan Williams from the work Archbishop Parker's Psalter, and were also very much in evidence throughout what we heard of Tallis's during this concert. The music seems to speak directly across the centuries... read more

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