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Shakespeare in Song – choral settings by Cantoris conducted by Rachel Hyde

By , 20/11/2010
Here was a most interesting programme, introduced in an engaging manner by conductor Rachel Hyde, who attempted to demonstrate the essential musical quality of Shakespeare’s language and the way in which music permeated Shakespeare’s work and Tudor society in general. For example, she said that someone had counted some 300 musical stage directions in the plays. To her credit, Hyde kept away from the most common settings of the songs... read more

Festival Singers delight with Rossini’s “Little, Solemn Mass”

By , 20/11/2010
"Good God—behold completed this poor little Mass—is it indeed sacred music [la musique sacrée] that I have just written, or merely some damned music [la sacré musique]? You know well, I was born for comic opera. Little science, a little heart, that is all. So may you be blessed, and grant me Paradise!" With these words Gioachino Rossini prefaced his Petite Messe Solennelle, written in 1863, and called elsewhere by... read more

Soprano, trumpet and organ aid lunchtime digestion

With an interesting programme for an unusual combination, this programme had added appeal for the opportunity to hear and see someone we know as a disembodied voice on radio; Clarissa Dunn is a presenter for Radio New Zealand Concert. The recital began and ended with performances from the gallery, using the fine church organ.  Clarissa Dunn proved to have a full, florid voice with a velvety quality except in the... read more

Caprice Arts Trust present saxophones and a fine wind quintet

By , 16/11/2010
The Caprice Arts Trust continues to offer chamber music with a difference, generally taking concerts to two or three venues in the Greater Wellington region. This concert, shared by two groups, was first played at St Andrew’s on The Terrace on Friday 12 November: I caught the second performance at Lower Hutt. I had previously heard – indeed, heard of – neither ensemble. The Altotude Saxophone Quartet which, I gather... read more

Pianist Nicole Chao in adventurous lunchtime concert

By , 10/11/2010
This was one of the more arresting of recent lunchtime concerts at St Andrew's, both on account of the interesting programme that Ms Chao offered, and the accomplishment of her playing. One of the concert's characteristics, whether consciously planned or not, was that all but the Chopin were very early works; yet all showed impressive evidence of their composers' later greatness. The Bach toccata is one of seven harpsichord toccatas that... read more

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