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Orpheus Choir and Wellington Orchestra deliver “good tidings” from Handel

By , 04/12/2010
There's no doubt about it - nothing brings in people quite like the prospect of hearing a "Messiah". And, as when one goes to something like a rugby test, there's a parallel sense of occasion, of impending enjoyment, of expectation that the the experience will truly resonate with an amalgam of the familiar and the freshly-minted. So, there, queued up in lines around at least two sides of the... read more

Days Bay Opera triumphs with Rossini rarity: The Journey to Rheims

By , 01/12/2010

This production, announced as the Australasian premiere, was staged in the enchanting garden of soprano Rhona Fraser and her husband Professor Campbell McLachlan,¬†where The Marriage of Figaro was so brilliantly staged in March. It lies in a natural amphitheatre in the beech-clad hills behind Days Bay. Rhona had sung in a production of the opera when she was a student at the Guildhall School of Music and... read more

Delightful Dvorak excites at St.Andrew’s

By , 01/12/2010
At the end of the first movement of this performance of the Dvorak Piano Quintet I was flabbergasted - here was a group of musicians who had come together just for the occasion performing at a free lunchtime concert in Wellington, giving us playing and interpretation of a stature I was confident I'd not heard previously bettered in this music. I had heard the first violinist, violist and pianist... read more

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