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Paul Rosoman prepares for his Polish tour at St Peter’s

It was a pleasant change to be at an organ recital that was well attended; perhaps opportunity to hear again the recently-restored St. Peter’s organ was part of the draw, and maybe the time was convenient to more people than that of many organ recitals. The music was well played, the programme interesting, and we were in the hands of a capable and experienced organist. The programme was... read more

Haydn’s Last Words from organist Richard Apperley at St Paul’s

By , 15/04/2011
The great days of a flourishing market for transcriptions of symphonies and opera chunks for the organ, or the piano, might have passed, but there remains a lingering suspicion of the practice, and an almost automatic disposition to find them improper and tasteless. But famous successful cases must make it dangerous and silly to denigrate them as a species. Certainly, this was an example that called for open ears and a... read more

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