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Brilliant Shostakovich from violinist Riseley and NZSM Orchestra

By , 14/05/2011

In the past year the School of Music seems to have made a distinct move towards offering the city a lot more music in the public sphere. Once upon a time, performances by students and staff were held mainly in the Adam Concert Room in the furthest reaches of Victoria University’s Kelburn campus; and those by the Conservatorium of Music of Massey University were at one stage in... read more

Risurrezione from a new arts trust at St Mary of the Angels

The Historical Arts Trust (THAT) is a new organisation, launched at the end of llast month, presenting four concerts this year under the title ‘La Musica’ (though despite that, and this concert’s title ‘Risurrezione’, the music was all German and Austrian, not Italian), in succession to the Musica Sacra concert series organised by Robert Oliver over the last ten years. Only two of the items, both vocal... read more

Michael Fulcher’s farewell with organ recital at St Paul’s Cathedral

By , 13/05/2011

Michael Fulcher is moving on after seven years as Organist and Director of Music at the Anglican Cathedral. He is returning to Brisbane to take up the position of Organist at St John’s Cathedral, where he started as a... read more

Made in New Zealand – Enchanted Islands

By , 13/05/2011
In a real sense this concert epitomized what a "Made in New Zealand " concert ought to be about - presenting its listeners with plenty of excitement, frustration, argument and satisfaction, putting life alongside art in fine style. Everybody will, of course, make up their own cocktail mix from the aforementioned ingredients when recalling the concert and its afterglow (some will add other things, while others will make do... read more

Kapiti Chorale’s Homage to Haydn

While Haydn is an extremely important composer (1732-1809) and wrote in a great variety of genres, an entire concert of his music, not being one of his oratorios or major masses, may appear a little too much of one man’s music in a single performance.

However, the insertion of the delightful Six little pieces for flute clock lessened the effect of sameness.

The Kapiti Chorale... read more

Royal New Zealand Ballet puts Stravinsky in the limelight

By , 06/05/2011

Puertas String Quartet in Hunter Council room recital

Despite the clash with the Hutt Valley Chamber Music Society concert and the fact that the concert was not advertised in that day’s Dominion Post Arts Supplement, a good-sized audience greeted this English-New Zealand string quartet. The audience was seated facing the east window in the Council chamber rather than north or west, as I have experienced before, so no-one was seated in the east gallery. Whether... read more

Alexa Still and Diedre Irons – irresistible duo

By , 05/05/2011
Mistakenly thinking the concert was being held in nearby St.James' Church, I wasted several precious minutes retracing steps and re-aligning my destination, finally being led by the sound of Alexa Still's silvery flute tones to the entranceway of Lower Hutt's Little Theatre. I thus missed the opening Allegro malinconico part of Poulenc's Sonata for flute and piano, but was charmed, by way of compensation, both by the friendliness of... read more

Graduate string students from New Zealand School of Music at St Andrew’s

By , 04/05/2011

The St Andrew’s lunchtime concerts are in the midst of their series of performances by students at the New Zealand School of Music.

This one featured three – a violist and two violinists, accompanied by Jian Liu, the school’s piano faculty member for the next two years. He studied with Claude Frank at Yale where he is completing a doctorate in musical arts. As well as teaching and... read more

NZSQ and Wollerman reveal beauties in Schoenberg, and others

By , 03/05/2011

I suspect that few musical performances in Wellington have done as much, as quickly, as this to overturn long-held attitudes about a composer. Often without really putting it to the test, many ordinary music lovers have accepted that, apart from Verklärte Nacht, Schoenberg’s music was and has remained cacophonous and unlistenable. The composer himself complained quite early that the problem was poor performance: nothing difficult about his music!

read more

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