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Cello and piano at Jewish Community Centre

Myers Hall was a new venue to many of us at the concert on Sunday; it proved to be of a good size for a chamber music concert, and with its wooden parquet floor and high ceiling, its acoustics were very satisfactory.

However, if it were to be used more regularly for concerts, a better piano would be required. At times I thought the elderly Marshall... read more

Schubert from Houstoun at Paekakariki – Matching Poesies

By , 17/07/2011
Waiting outside the Memorial Hall in a July afternoon's wintry sunshine at Paekakariki was for me a kind of poetry in itself, colored partly by the expectation of hearing live performances of two of Schubert's greatest piano sonatas, but also by the ambience of the open spaces, rugged hills to the east, and the beach and distantly lovely Kapiti Island to the west. I'll doubtless be accused of "event-dropping"... read more

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