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Michael Endres – pianist, plays Schubert’s D 959, Farr, Carnaval and Godowski

By , 24/07/2011

The middle of the second movement of Schubert’s penultimate piano sonata should not really come as a surprise if you have listened openly to the very opening of the first movement.  Not perhaps from just any pianist, but certainly from Michael Endres whose view is clear at once through the heavy, threatening, plain loud chords of the opening phase.  Alternating shafts of sun with heavy threatening storm clouds:... read more

Felix the Quartet’s inspiring concert at Waikanae

The usual substantial audience defied the weather, and came to hear Felix the Quartet, made up of prominent members of the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra. There was a change to the programme: the music for the work by Esa-Pekka Salonen is somehow lost in transit, Leppänen explained, and so John Psathas’s piece was substituted. It and the Beethoven Op 59 no.1 Quartet were played recently by the... read more

Keyboard magic from Jun Bouterey-Ishido

By , 24/07/2011
If you haven't already done so, find a space on which to write down the name Jun Bouterey-Ishido, a space you'll remember and can refer back to when the rest of the world catches up with this young pianist's remarkable talent. Evidence was amply provided by this recital, filled with good things, and even more praiseworthy in that the pianist was able to make a fairly inertly-voiced instrument "sound"... read more

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