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Two former schools chamber music contest winners return in international roles

It cannot be too often that two young people who both played in the Schools Chamber Music Contest in the same year appear on the same top-flight CMNZ tour merely ten years later, one as pianist and the other as composer.

Yet that was the case in this CMNZ programme in Wellington, part of a tour of ten centres in New Zealand, to be followed by... read more

A night to savour – Britten’s “Dream” enchants at NZSM

By , 03/08/2011
Enchanting! - put simply, a "must-see!" production - so all-pervading was the atmosphere emanating from the stage of the Memorial Theatre I found myself enjoying a child's delight at the magical evocations of sight and sound, the production taking me to what felt like the beating heart of a creative fusion of words, movement and music. I did have wits about me enough to scribble a few things in... read more

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