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Michael Hill competition winner Malov, plus Houstoun and Brown form superb team

The 17-centre tour, of which this concert was a part, was included in the awards Malov received as winner of the Michael Hill Violin Competition last year.  It provides a welcome opportunity for the rest of New Zealand to hear his talents in person; only those in Queenstown and Auckland heard them in 2011. Prior to the concert, Ashley Brown interviewed Malov in the Town Hall’s Green Room, during which... read more

Superb, well-attended recital of rare Lieder at St Andrew’s

The large audience could consider itself fortunate in having these singers of professional standing performing at a free lunch-hour concert.  Obviously the singers enjoy singing this ensemble repertoire, so seldom heard, and equally obviously, put a lot of work into it.  Such was the popularity of this concert, the pile of printed programmes ran out. In essence, both sets of songs comprised romantic love-songs, but in differing moods.  Brahms’s songs... read more

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