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Remarkable performance of a noble work: Mozart’s Requiem

Hearing a performance of Mozart’s great Requiem, (completed by his pupil Süssmayr) is always an event; it seems a pity that this presentation came so soon after the Bach Choir’s performance of the same work (see Middle C review by Peter Mechen, on 31 March).  Bianca Andrew was the mezzo-soprano on that occasion also. Prior to the performance, there was a talk by Peter Walls.  He traced the history of... read more

Megan Ward launches 2012 Hutt lunchtime series with Bach on viola

By , 06/06/2012
The long-standing series of lunchtime concerts at Lower Hutt has started; they run through till the end of October. Bach instructed players of his fifth cello suite to tune the A string down a whole tone, to G, so the score shows notes that would be played on the A string a tone higher than they actually sound. The viola is tuned exactly an octave higher than the cello, so... read more

Flute, oboe and cello give delightful lunchtime recital at St Andrew’s

Another day of atrocious weather in Wellington, nevertheless the audience was of a reasonable size at this delightful concert. Despite using modern instruments, the trio managed to make an almost baroque sound in the Bach sonata – quite gorgeous. The slow-fast-slow-fast movements all had their appeal, particularly the third, adagio e piano, which had a pastoral quality. The players were notable for their absolute accuracy and very good cohesion. Beethoven made... read more

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