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Anniversaries the pretext for chamber organ recital for Organists’ Congress

As part of ‘Wellington 2012’, the Organists’ Congress, this concert was offered to participants and the public as something involving the organ, but more intimate than the Friday Symphony Orchestra concert with the Poulenc Organ Concerto, and the recital at Wellington Cathedral of St. Paul the following day, both featuring eminent French organist Olivier Latry.  The composers were chosen because of their anniversaries this year: 450 years since the... read more

STROMA – Percussion/Action in small but compelling doses

By , 02/06/2012
Stroma's 2012 concert formats are taking in both larger, standardized happenings called "Headliners", which feature well-known performers and works by established composers, and briefer, concentrated concerts of less than an hour's duration called "Soundbytes" - the group's publicity referred to these events as "aural degustations", a term which had me reaching for my dictionary, illiterate peasant that I am, to be summarily enlightened - and yes, these in this... read more

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