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Four ensembles help in fund-raising concert for St Andrew’s restoration completion phase

The concert was arranged to help St. Andrew’s to raise funds for the completion of the church’s restoration project.  As the church is a major venue for chamber music in Wellington, it was appropriate to put on a concert such as this, to which the musicians all donated their services. Therefore, this is not so much a review as a report.  It was remarkable to have all these musicians in... read more

Stroma’s beautifully “luminous horizons” at Ilott

By , 11/10/2012
Five of the six works in this Stroma concert were New Zealand premieres, and one of these was a world premiere (Paolo Cavallone - Hóros). The odd one out was Yoshihisa Taïra's highly theatrical and dramatic Synchronie, a kind of "Duelling banjos" for two flutes, which one imagines being readily enjoyed by all but the most conservative listeners. For that reason, I wasn't surprised to find that it's already... read more

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