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Aspects of conflict in Brio’s “Peace and War” at St.Andrew’s

By , 26/03/2014
"Something for everybody who remembers the war" might have been a way of describing much of this presentation, with items ranging in emotion from the downright sentimentality of popular song to the unspeakable horrors of nuclear conflagration. As well, there were pieces with less specific associations, ranging from folk-ballads to finely-wrought meditations on life and death. Rather like everyday life, a bit of a hotch-potch – though in the... read more

Junghwa Lee – pianistic brilliance and recreative ferment at the NZSM

By , 26/03/2014
This was one of those concerts whose first item (quite apart from other, later revelations) I didn't really see coming - true, I was intrigued at the thought of hearing how the composer of orchestral classics such as Espana and Marche Joyeuse would acquit himself in the realm of keyboard music, though I wasn't expecting much beyond what the title suggested - "picturesque pieces" was my schoolboy French translation... read more

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