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Scandinavian and New Zealand players unite wonderfully for the two greatest clarinet quintets

By , 06/07/2014
I understand that the Waikanae Music Society asked for and got a programme other than those that the promoters of the New Zealand tour (Chamber Music New Zealand) was offering. Both Chamber Music Hutt Valley and Wellington Chamber Music settled for either the Mozart or the Brahms plus ‘fillers’ in the first half. This concert was first advertised as the Antithesis Quintet, which might have referred to the programme, sub-titled... read more

Wellington Chamber Orchestra – nostalgia, high spirits and adventure

By , 06/07/2014
Perhaps it's awfully "New Age" of me - but I do like to make up some kind of all-purpose phrase to use as a heading, when writing a review of any concert. It actually provides a framework upon which one can hang aspects of an overall purpose for the music-making, even if it's largely in the ear of this particular listener as it were. Of course, this "ear of... read more

Dalecarlia Clarinet Quintet – getting the music through….

By , 03/07/2014
"A concert tour of the new and old from the northern and southern hemispheres" was the entirely apt, refreshingly hype-free description of the undertaking which produced this concert at Lower Hutt earlier this month - Anna McGregor, New  Zealand-born clarinetist, was originally supposed to tour New Zealand with the Antithesis Quintet, a group she had founded in 2010 while studying and working in Sweden. Due to injury incapacitating one... read more

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