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“Nature, Life and Love” for our time, from the NZTrio

By , 29/10/2014
I did like the NZTrio's characterizing of its most recent Wellington concert at the City Gallery as "an edgy international exploration" - though further linking the concert to the Gallery's October exhibition of the work of William Kentridge, a multi-media presentation called "The Refusal of Time" was frustrating, as I hadn't had the chance to see the latter - apparently a truly "immersive" amalgam of cinematic methodology - animation... read more

Glittering prizes from a talented duo at St.Andrew’s

This concert was a joy, definitely in the very top bracket of 2014 lunchtime offerings at St. Andrews on the Terrace. The committed musicianship and professionalism of the two artists was apparent from the first note, when one understood immediately that this was all about the music, not the players. Lili Boulanger’s Nocturne is a gem. In this duo’s hands it opened as a gentle meditation, languid with the warm... read more

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