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Orpheus Choir shows versatility with Cole Porter

By , 07/10/2011
It is brave for a symphonic choir to tackle popular music of any vein, and though it could be argued that the music of Cole Porter has closer links with classical music than, say, The Spice Girls or Michael Jackson, the idiom in which composers of ‘popular’ music normally work is pretty remote from Mozart. This evening’s concert did not offer a very strong counter argument to that proposition. Yet it’s... read more

Scintillating 42nd Street from Wellington Musical Theatre

By , 04/10/2011
42nd Street is a relatively unusual case of a musical that saw the light of day as a musical film (in 1933) and was re-created for the Broadway stage in 1980. By that time the lyricist (Al Dubin) was dead, the choreographer (Gower Champion) died on opening night while composer Harry Warren died a year later. The Broadway reincarnation was produced by David Merrick. And it is probably true that... read more

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