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Violin and harp in enchanting lunchtime concert at St Andrew’s

By , 25/02/2015
The harp seems to be asserting itself at present. Though it’s been a pretty standard orchestral instrument since the early 19th century, and a much loved solo instrument both in its many ethnic forms as well as in its larger, more sophisticated character, there doesn’t seem to be a very large body of chamber music involving it. This recital may well have been inspired in part by the presence of... read more

Variety and enchantment in Robin Ward’s triple harp recital

I was sorry that a larger audience was not present to hear this brilliant and enchanting recital on a little-known instrument. The programme covered works written for a variety of instruments, but all beautifully rendered on the triple harp, made by Robin Ward himself, also the transcriber of many of the items.  Playing any harp seems pretty skilled to me, but to have three rows of strings surpasses merely skilled! All... read more

A triple-strung harp recital from Robin Ward

By , 05/03/2009

Thursday 5th March 2009

Robin Ward is carving something of a reputation internationally as an exponent of a rare kind of harp: the triple-strung harp; triple means there are three courses of strings, the two outer ones tuned identically, diatonically, while the middle row supplies the ‘black notes’. It evolved in the 14th century and was supplanted by the development of the pedal or orchestral harp in... read more

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