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Turning over a Blue Leaf – Adam Page and Stroma

By , 09/12/2012
This concert put me in mind of a review I once read of a performance given by the great 19th Century pianist/composer Anton Rubinstein, while on tour in the United States, the writer turning to a kind of “vernacular” in order to be able to express the wildness of exhilaration that had seized him when confronted with such music-making – “….the house trembled, the lights danced, the walls shuck, the... read more

Earthly and Heavenly Delights from the Historical Arts Trust

By , 02/07/2011
Formed in 2010, the Historical Arts Trust was set up by a group of enthusiasts involved in the disciplines of early music, theatre and dance, in order to promote interest in Medieval, Renaissance and baroque music, dance and drama in New Zealand. The aim of the Trust is to present concerts and other events such as workshops and demonstrations which showcase these highly distinctive eras, and will encourage wider... read more

A Good Time Not A Long Time – SMP Ensemble

By , 27/06/2010
The SMP Ensemble, a Wellington-based contemporary music performing group, has gradually become a welcome "presence" upon the local music-making scene. Formed by clarinettist Andrzej Nowicki, the group draws upon the skills of various freelance and New Zealand School of Music performers. Like its longer-established  "big brother" equivalent Stroma, it has a wondrous flexibility in terms of performance, both in playing existing music and in commissioning new works, being able... read more

Martin Riseley – consorting with the Devil’s Fiddler

By , 14/03/2010
Niccolo Paganini's Op.1, the set of 24 Caprices for solo violin, remains the ultimate test of virtuosity for a violinist - these pieces explore almost every aspect of violin technique, and remain a unique example of performance art which has subsequently continued to inspire both composers and performers. Robert Schumann described Paganini's effect upon the musical world as "the turning point in the history of virtuosity", and  the greatest... read more

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