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Splendid playing from NZSM students of New Zealand woodwind compositions

Similarly to the crop of good string players from NZSM whom we heard at St. Andrew’s recently, so we now heard splendid woodwind players.  The range of works by New Zealand composers in this rather over-long concert was wide, but all were appealing, melodic and interesting. I had never heard of the composer Eric Biddington, but his Sonatina for clarinet and piano, the 2nd movement of which was played by... read more

Two woodwinds, two strings, in varied concert from Nikau Trio plus

By , 20/11/2013
There is a belief in chamber music circles that you stage groups involving wind instruments or singers at your peril. A strange notion that suggests that the same sort of closed mind operates within some groups of classical music lovers that they scorn in those fixated by pop music who won’t open their ears to classical music. I was present when the Wellington Chamber Music Society started its Sunday afternoon... read more

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