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Duo Tapas appetizing at Old St.Paul’s

By , 24/07/2012
Every now and then one hear something played at a concert which startles the sensibilities into momentary confusion. As when one turns on the radio and encounters something familiar mid-stream, the thought starts to drum away with the music: - "Now, just what is this?" The Paganini work, Centone di Sonata No.1 which opened this duo recital sounded at first like a transcription of the beginning of the Mahler Fifth Symphony... read more

New Zealand School of Music guitar students’ interesting recital at Old St Paul’s

By , 05/06/2012
These students, plus one other, had played at St Andrew’s on The Terrace in the previous week, with a largely different programme. I missed it, as did my Middle C colleagues. I gather that they played mainly as a quartet then; at Old Saint Paul’s they played two ensemble pieces, and four solos. A suite from Carmen opened the concert. The programme note remarked that the opera had had a... read more

Organist Paul Rosoman opens Old Saint Paul’s lunchtime series

Tuesday saw the first of the lunchtime concerts at Old St. Paul’s for 2012; the first of  a series that runs weekly until late September.  It was well-attended, in a rather cold church – though the under-seat heaters were on. Cold fingers may have been a bit of a problem for Paul Rosoman, especially early in the concert, since a number of ‘fluffs’ occurred in an otherwise well-executed recital.  There... read more

Duo Tapas – exotic lunchtime fare at Old St.Paul’s

By , 07/09/2010
Something about the splendid ornateness of the interior of Old St.Paul's Church, if not especially Moorish or Iberian, suited the exoticism of parts of the programme presented by violinist Rupa Maitra and guitarist Owen Moriarty on Tuesday at lunchtime, part of an excellent series of concerts organised for performance at the church. Ever approximate, I arrived late for the concert's beginning, picking up what I thought was the third... read more

Warmth amid the cold – Song Recital at Old St.Paul’s

By , 08/06/2010
Despite the rain and cold doing its best to dampen people's concert-going inclinations, soprano Janey MacKenzie got a heartening and enthusiastic attendance of determined music-lovers at her lunchtime recital with pianist Robyn Jaquiery at Old St.Paul's Church. The performers very quickly made up for the inclement weather through their communicative warmth and whole-hearted enjoyment of what they were presenting for their audience's grateful pleasure, an interchange evident from the response... read more

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