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Nota Bene among the elements at St Andrew’s

By , 20/09/2009

It was an imaginative theme but, as so often, musicians seem only dimly aware of the importance of lighting and atmosphere in creating that last but important element in giving their audience a good time. The bright, shiny surfaces of the church and a zillion watts of light were enough to discomfort the most sophisticated and determined ghost.

I tried shutting the eyes but it didn’t make a difference.

In the... read more

East of Vienna – Wellington Chamber Orchestra

By , 20/09/2009
Now here was an enterprising programme! - two of the composers whose music was featured I had never heard of; and no less than FOUR New Zealand premiere performances were given, the works by Gary Goldschneider, Boris Pigovat, Bela Bartok and Alfred Hill.  George Enescu's colourful Roumanian Rhapsody No.1 was obviously the "taster" which began the concert, the music's beguiling opening melodies and catchy rhythms providing exotic atmosphere aplenty... read more

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