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Chorus And Keys – Festival Singers with Organists

By , 12/09/2009

Wellington Orchestra and Houstoun in Beethoven 4

By , 12/09/2009
The fourth in the Wellington Orchestra’s subscription series continued the orchestra’s theme of combining the symphony with dance and movement. An imaginative enterprise but it presents quite surprising aesthetic problems. The concert opened with an interesting dance piece by Astor Piazzolla, perhaps the only Argentine composer many classical music followers have heard of. His fame rests on taking tango music into... read more

The Tudor Consort – an afternoon of choral filigree

By , 12/09/2009
Review by Anna McGregor Seats were scarce at St Andrews on the Terrace on Saturday afternoon as the Tudor Consort presented their programme of six motets attributed to J.S. Bach. Admired by generations of musicians, these works have been described as ‘a pinnacle of absolute vocal music’, and greatly influenced the choral music of Mozart, Mendelssohn and Brahms. This was a rare opportunity to experience all six works in succession... read more

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