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Musica Sacra: These Distracted Times

By , 22/11/2009

I found myself unusually intrigued by the last concert of Musica Sacra’s 2009 series, dwelling on the music of the Civil War period in England in the mid-17th century; for interest in English music has tended to wane with the death of the composers who were active in Elizabeth’s and James I’s reigns, such as Orlando Gibbons... read more

“Cultural Property” – The New Zealand String Quartet at Te Papa

By , 22/11/2009
This programme of string quartets by New Zealand composers is being recorded by Atoll Records, the enterprise serving as a well-deserved tribute to not only the composers but also the New Zealand String Quartet for their advocacy of home-grown music over the years. And although a number of these works have been recorded before by the same ensemble, it's a splendid idea to bring together the group's updated "take"... read more

Odes to Joy – Wellington Orchestra with Michael Houstoun

By , 22/11/2009
You'd be hard put to devise a more celebratory conclusion to a season of orchestral concerts than this one, with both Beethoven's "Emperor" Concerto and Respighi's sonic blockbuster "The Pines of Rome" in the programme. Of course, Michael Houstoun's performance of the Beethoven was the last in his presentation of the complete series of the piano concerti, giving the occasion a kind of "double-whammy" effect, and at the concert's... read more

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