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Fulcher in Great music at St Paul’s lunchtime

By , 06/11/2009

The second to last in the approximately monthly series of 12.45pm recitals was by the cathedral’s director of music, Michael Fulcher.

In his notes to the programme he remarked how his idea to focus on the passacaglia (and its cousin the chaconne) had awakened him... read more

A Brace of Troubadours – “Fabulous Guitars” from Caprice Arts

By , 06/11/2009
One would have thought, on the evidence provided by this concert, that time couldn't have been better spent than listening to the dulcet tones of music for guitar (in fact, mostly TWO guitars!). After all, no less a musician than Frederic Chopin was credited with saying at one time, that "Nothing is more beautiful than a guitar - save, perhaps, two...". Despite such impressive recommendations, only a handful of... read more

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