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Young musicians’ mid-winter warm-up with Mozart and Rachmaninov

By , 12/08/2012
Aside from the circumstance of this being the THIRD Mozart Requiem performance offered the Wellington concert-going public this year so far (after all, it's only August!), I thought the program of this concert by its own lights adventurous and challenging. And, regarding the combination of Mozart and Rachmaninov, a well-known French saying - "Vive la différence" can easily put it in an acceptable context. Looking at things more closely than... read more

Blistering Brahms, diaphanous Dutilleux and monumental Mozart, from Amici and Diedre Irons

By , 12/08/2012
Blame Captain Haddock of the "Tintin" books for my "Blistering Brahms" heading - the other descriptions are more conventional, but no less heartfelt on my part. For this was a magnificent concert, a memorable marriage of great music and music-making, very much a "gentlemen of England now abed.…" scenario if ever there was one, for we lucky people in the audience. With Mozart in his "G Minor mood" there was... read more

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