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Classical concert “crowding-out” on Sunday afternoons

Back when the Wellington Chamber Music Society proposed having a series of concerts on Sunday afternoons, nearly thirty years ago, a senior person within the Music Federation (as Chamber Music New Zealand was named then) predicted it wouldn’t work; Sunday concerts had been tried and weren’t well supported.  Now, not only is the WCMS series still going, but Sunday afternoons have become almost de rigeur for classical concerts.  Sunday... read more

Quintessential chamber music – the Aroha Quartet and Andrew Joyce

By , 30/09/2012
I like to think I've long gone past the days when I would regard work x, y or z as my "favorite" symphony, concerto, sonata or whatever. Now,  whenever I'm asked about my "favorite" whatever-it-is, I go into a "gripped by bewilderment" state, born largely of the sheer range and scope of the repertoire. I admit I take refuge sometimes behind the rather glib reply that it's either the... read more

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