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Promising orchestral concert: excellent Ritchie, problematic Mozart

This interesting programme promised a great afternoon of listening, offering the contrast of the young and fresh with the time honoured and revered. For me, some of those hopes were more than fulfilled, others irretrievably dashed………………. The Hanging Bulb is a short descriptive work that explores through music the despair and obsession associated with the image of the hanging light bulb. But far from being a narcissistic descent into anguished... read more

Mozart’s “Goose of Cairo” nicely cooked and served at Days Bay Opera.

By , 08/12/2013
Now here's a diverting sidelight involving Mozart as an opera composer, one that will come as a complete surprise to some people, as it did to me. Thanks to the enterprise, vision, industry and sheer tenacity of conductor (and scholar and musicologist) Michael Vinten, light has been shed on some of the esteemed Wolfgang's lesser-known operatic workings, to whit at least two unfinished operatic projects and certain other fragments... read more

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