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Youth and experience: organ-playing at St John’s, Willis St.

It was interesting to be treated to a recital by two female organists, one a young student, the other long-experienced and highly expert.  However, the latter is currently a student too, working towards a doctorate (Doctor of Musical Arts) at Victoria University. In St. John’s Church, with its fine wooden architecture, both external and internal, sits a splendid organ which needs some money spent on it to keep it in... read more

Tests of character – Wellington Chamber Music recital from Ludwig Treviranus

By , 28/09/2014
Midway through pianist Ludwig Treviranus's recent St.Andrew's recital I was ready to tell anybody who would listen that this was shaping up to be a concert in a thousand - the Paul Schramm Preludes represented for me a major pianistic discovery, and I'd never heard parts of Ravel's Miroirs played better by anybody, in concert or on record. Of course, I needed at that stage to bear in mind one... read more

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