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Pianist Catherine Norton initiates delightful, welcome renaissance in song recitals

Resounding congratulations are due to Catherine Norton, who is not only a superb accompanist, but also is the initiator of Songbook.   She has fairly recently returned from study and performing overseas, mainly in the United Kingdom.  She has worked with the Young Songmakers’ Almanac, descendant of The Songmakers’ Almanac, an English vocal group which toured here some years ago with Chamber Music New Zealand.  This doubtless gave her the... read more

Jack Body – lightning leaping from the pages

By , 10/06/2015
This beautifully-prepared and richly-annotated volume contains a remarkable array of testaments of love and regard for a man whose life and work deeply touched not only immediate friends and colleagues, but many people involved with music in New Zealand, throughout South-East Asia and around the world. Happily, it appeared while its subject, Jack Body, was still very much alive, by all accounts - an acknowledgement is made by the editors... read more

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