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Jack Body – lightning leaping from the pages

By , 10/06/2015
This beautifully-prepared and richly-annotated volume contains a remarkable array of testaments of love and regard for a man whose life and work deeply touched not only immediate friends and colleagues, but many people involved with music in New Zealand, throughout South-East Asia and around the world. Happily, it appeared while its subject, Jack Body, was still very much alive, by all accounts - an acknowledgement is made by the editors... read more

Engaging “Klezmorim” at Ilott Theatre

By , 24/06/2012
I felt in a bit of a quandary regarding this concert, torn as I was between feelings of unease through wanting someone else to do this review, and curiosity at experiencing some of this "klezmer" music for myself. I did do a little bit of exploratory research - not too much - so that I'd have a notion, however vague, of what I was about to hear. So, I... read more

Ravi Shankar – a living legend in Wellington

By , 12/03/2010
To convey something of the atmosphere and flavour of a remarkable concert at the Michael Fowler Centre, one of the New Zealand International Festival of the Arts series of concerts,  I can do no better than quote the words of the musician around whom this same concert was centred: " Music can be a spiritual discipline on the path to self realisation, for we follow the traditional teaching that sound... read more

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