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Japan Music Fair with five fine musicians

By , 11/07/2009

This was the fourth Japanese Festival which has included a concert by Japanese musicians. These are the result of collaboration between the Embassy, the Asia-New Zealand and the Japan Foundations and the Wellington City Council. Where the previous ones have featured only a couple of musicians, this time there were five, including, almost as the... read more

Chris Greenslade at St Andrew’s with Schumann, Janáček and Beethoven

By , 08/07/2009

An interesting programme which I’d thought might have attracted more people. When did we last hear Janáček's piano music? And I’d have thought Schumann would have brought them in too. But I reveal my prejudices.

There are three Romances... read more

Violin Sonatas at Old St Paul’s: Elgar and Franck

By , 07/07/2009

The sphere of classical music seems more populated by immigrants than any other area, whether of the arts in general, education, or the public and business sectors. That was understandable in earlier times when no tertiary institutions offered musical performance teaching. But since around 1970, one would have imagined that the supply of New Zealand-born and trained... read more

Diedre Irons and Zephyr blow through Wellington Town Hall

By , 06/07/2009

New Zealand audiences still seem paralysed, when it comes to the arts, by an inferiority complex towards foreign performers; and additionally, for chamber music aficionados, by a fixation with the string quartet as the only form worth troubling with.


Despite this double handicap, there was a good audience in the Town Hall for a... read more

Mulled wine with Mozart and Strauss at Paekakariki

By , 05/07/2009

There’s not a large repertoire for a piano trio that involves viola instead of cello: though there ought to be. For along with the viola’s delicious C string that provides an opulent, legato bass line, the piano can, after all, supply most of the bass quality below that. 

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NZSO National Youth Orchestra 50th Anniversary

By , 04/07/2009
This concert marked an historic occasion for the NZSO Youth Orchestra, 2009 marking the fiftieth anniversary of the Youth Orchestra’s conception, thanks to the vision, energy, skill and commitment of the newly-appointed Principal Conductor of the National Orchestra, John Hopkins, who put his dream of forming a nation-wide orchestra for promising young players into action in 1959 with concerts in Lower Hutt and Wellington, in September of that year... read more

The pecuniary appetite for contemporary music

By , 03/07/2009

National Youth Orchestra principals in chamber music

By , 01/07/2009

The long-standing, free lunchtime concerts at St Andrew’s on The Terrace, most Wednesdays, present a great variety of music: jazz, brass and military bands, student groups, ethnic ensembles, as well as conventional, classical music – solo singers, piano, chamber groups, choirs.

This was the week... read more

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