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Imaginative programme of too rarely played masterpieces from Orchestra Wellington

This imaginative programme by Orchestra Wellington was an opportunity to enjoy a selection of colourful works heard all too infrequently on concert stages here. Haydn’s The Hen Symphony was performed with appropriately modest orchestral forces for which Orchestra Wellington is admirably suited. The opening Allegro Spiritoso sparkled with clean vigorous playing of exemplary precision that allowed inner voices to speak through beautifully clearly. The contrasting central episode was beautifully... read more

Masters of whole worlds: Mozart and Mahler with the NZSO

By , 08/08/2014
What to play at a concert along with a Mahler Symphony? It's a question that has diverted promoters, critics and musicians themselves over the years, and the various possible solutions seem often to complicate further rather than clarify matters. It isn't so much the actual music that's the problem - it's the awkward length of Mahler's symphonic conceptions that makes programming with other pieces something of a challenge. At least... read more

Anniversaries, celebrations and NZ premieres – NZSM Orchestra at St.Andrew’s

By , 06/08/2014
I thought this an exceptional concert in every way! - innovative repertoire choices were thrillingly and memorably supported by skilled and strongly-focused, committed playing from all concerned. Each piece as presented had its own world and voiced its own particular character - partly the result of stylistic and contextual differences, but also  indicative of the extent to which these musicians were determined to get to grips with things, and put... read more

Unexciting, lowpowered NZSO programme under Alexander Shelley yields riches after all

By , 02/08/2014
The one programme in the NZSO’s 2014 season that looked problematic when I first scanned the offerings last year was this one. No soloist, no well-known conductor, no crowd-pulling music centre-piece. So I was not surprised to see one of the smallest audiences for the NZSO that I can remember. However. The music, all of it, was enjoyable and Alexander Shelley proved, as he had with the National Youth Orchestra last... read more

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