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Product of Terezin concentration camp survives as admirable, enjoyable children’s opera

The soloists for this production are members of the NZSM’s Young Musicians Programme with a chorus from Kelburn Normal School and a chamber orchestra of NZSM Classical performance students. It is conducted by NZSM Lecturer Dr Robert Legg and directed by NZSM alumni and artist teacher Frances Moore. Hans Krása was a German Jewish composer who studied with Zemlinsky and also at the Berlin Conservatory and under Roussel in Paris ... read more

LUDWIG TREVIRANUS – at ease with the music

By , 21/08/2014
What a programme and what a performer! Ludwig Treviranus won all hearts and engaged all sensibilities besides at his Lower Hutt Little Theatre recital last week, with playing and presentations of real, flesh-and-blood character. In his hands the music sprang into life - he could well have echoed the Oscar Wilde character who  famously remarks, "…anybody can play accurately - but I play with wonderful expression….." But there was more... read more

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