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Lower Hutt Little Theatre gets new Steinway, but several much cheaper improvements still needed

By , 04/05/2014
On Sunday friends of the piano were invited to see and hear the new Steinway that had been bought for the Lower Hutt Little Theatre. Replacing the earlier Steinway which had been used in the Little Theatre since the 1950s, it had arrived and been run-in. Ten years ago at the urging of players, teachers and audiences the Hutt City Council set about building up a fund for the purchase... read more

The Ginger Series tackles classical music with a captivating, oblique apologia

By , 27/11/2013
One has waited quite a while for this brilliant little series of monographs to find a writer able to deal with what the media likes to suggest is about the most intractable (and irrelevant) of artistic fields: classical music. The many subjects covered so far have included such quirky topics as bird watching, watching video games, how to pick a winner, fishing, as well as more serious matters like listening to... read more

Mostly musical anniversaries of 2012

By , 01/07/2012

Flawed silent film, Metropolis, with original score in splendid NZSO realisation

By , 05/11/2011
The first thing that struck me about the otherwise excellent programme notes was the absence of any direct comment about the thrust of the 1927 German film as an anti-capitalist document. The notes suggest that the scenes of forced labour foreshadowed the concentration camps. That seems a misleading remark, considering NAZI taking power was still six years away, while exploitation of industrial workers had characterized most industrial enterprises since the... read more

A new element in the ‘Live in Cinemas’ phenomenon – orchestral concerts

By , 17/09/2011

Wellington Orchestra’s funding secure through 2013

By , 01/09/2011

More on Wells’s “brilliant” (Dom Post) doco on the NZSO tour

By , 06/08/2011

Crude narcissism smothers TV doco on NZSO tour

By , 31/07/2011

I found the TV film on the NZSO’s 2010 Europe tour a total embarrassment.

Some may think that the only way to make a watchable documentary is to lace it with sex and crudeness. I differ.

Today’s permissive climate, when it isn’t cool to harbour behaviour standards known in former times as decent, cultivated or civilized, makes it hard for anyone to... read more

Anniversaries of 2011

By , 19/05/2011

Royal New Zealand Ballet puts Stravinsky in the limelight

By , 06/05/2011

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