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The composer of Kopernikus, Claude Vivier: interview with conductor Vladimir Jurowski

By , 04/04/2020
In the absence of real concerts that Middle C can review, why not publish things of musical interest that might in small part make up for the deprivations we all suffer at present?  Here is an article that appeared in 2018 in the Montreal Globe and Mail that might interest those who saw Claude Vivier’s opera, Kopernikus, at the recent festival in Wellington. I came across a reference to Vivier... read more

The Creation of Music Futures: object lesson in enterprise

By , 02/08/2015
This post refers to our review of the concert of 26 July promoted by Music Futures, featuring young Wellington musicians, some of whom were involved with the current Chamber Music contest staged annually by Chamber Music New Zealand, and supported by the New Zealand Community Trust. (The National Finale was held on Sunday 2 August, and was won by the Wellington piano trio which had played in the concert of... read more

Il Corsaro – a New Zealand premiere, but not the Australasian one

By , 07/09/2013
In the review I sent to Opera magazine (London) of the New Zealand School of Music’s production of Il Corsaro in July, I wrote not only that was it the New Zealand premiere but surmised that it was probably the Australian premiere too. Browsing for something else I have come across a listing of earlier performances of Il Corsaro in Australia, by the small Melbourne City Opera – in November... read more

Cantoris and Rachel Hyde take flight with Pärt

By , 19/08/2011
Tell us about listening to Arvo Pärt in the middle of a wintry Wellington day! Arvo Pärt's music was, I think a wonderful choice of repertoire with which to finish one's work with a choir. Pärt is a composer who's contributed of late to a quiet revolution that's taken place within the confines of contemporary classical music, turning his back on much of the avant-garde modes of expression in favor... read more

Hannah-Elizabeth Teoh’s encores

By , 11/07/2011

Further to the review of Lewis’s Winterreise in Nelson: surtitles

By , 26/02/2011

Ensembles combine in magnificent Nelson concert

By , 05/02/2011
At several points during the festival the question what was the essence of chamber music arose through the pieces played. Given thaat the essential ingredient of chamber music is music with one player to a part, the rearranging of music from orchestral to chamber music, and vice-versa, raises interesting questions; and there's the related question, the effect of arrangements for other instruments or for more or fewer instruments that... read more

Dialogues des Carmélites – the sources

By , 16/01/2011

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