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Audience stands to honour fine performance by Secondary Students’ Choir

I reviewed the choir almost exactly two years ago; now they are here for another school holiday course.  My enthusiasm for their performance has not diminished, nor has the choir’s skill and versatility, despite the changes of personnel in the meantime.  There was a good-sized audience, but the back third of the Cathedral should not have been empty; this choir is deserving of a larger number of listeners.  Choristers... read more

Festival presents Shakespeare songs from two choirs in admirable literary and musical contexts

An attractive programme and renowned performers had Wesley Church pretty full, including many people sitting in the gallery; this, despite the hefty prices for a concert lasting one hour and ten minutes ($58, $38 child, $53 Friend of the Festival). The Youth Choir comprised 50 voices, and Voices New Zealand 16, with the result that at full stretch the combined choirs were very resonant in the wooden church.  A delightful... read more

Big Sing for a big occasion

More choirs from the region performed in the two gala concerts this year: 42 choirs from 22 schools; last year thirty choirs from nineteen schools performed.  It is marvellous to find so many young people taking part in choirs and obviously enjoying it, and that some have student conductors and accompanists.  The fact that all the choirs learnt all their pieces by heart is staggering to us mere adults... read more

Wellington Youth Choir – stories for the telling

A varied concert of items telling stories was given by the Wellington Youth Choir, under its Acting Musical Director.  It began in great style, with ‘The Circle of Life’, from the movie The Lion King; the music by Elton John and Lebo M, with lyrics by Time Rice.  Drums and other percussion instruments plus whistling opened the piece, along with a very good male solo.  The choir had impressive... read more

Remarkable Big Sing National Finale a brilliant success at every level

By , 18/08/2012
Twenty-two choirs, including four ‘guest choirs’ which are not eligible for an award, from 16 schools came to Wellington for the annual singing jamboree known as The Big Sing, managed by the New Zealand Choral Federation.  The festival began in 1988 when it was separated from the then Westpac Schools Music Contest which included chamber music groups as well as singers. The latest figures showed that 148 schools, 235 choirs... read more

Young musicians’ mid-winter warm-up with Mozart and Rachmaninov

By , 12/08/2012
Aside from the circumstance of this being the THIRD Mozart Requiem performance offered the Wellington concert-going public this year so far (after all, it's only August!), I thought the program of this concert by its own lights adventurous and challenging. And, regarding the combination of Mozart and Rachmaninov, a well-known French saying - "Vive la différence" can easily put it in an acceptable context. Looking at things more closely than... read more

Varied and various concert from National Boys Choir of Australia

The visiting choir of 42 trebles is the cream of a much bigger enterprise, based in Melbourne, that trains 200 boys in choral singing.  It was founded back in 1964, but this was the choir’s first visit ‘across the ditch’, despite its having visited many northern hemisphere countries, on no fewer than 14 tours. In addition to producing a fine choral sound and singing all items from memory, the choir... read more

Secondary Students’ Choir, versatile and deeply impressive, prepares for tour to South Africa

Choral music seems to be on the up and up, not only here, but in other countries as well.  Any choir would be exceedingly proud to sing as well as this choir does; all the more surprising, because the members, from all parts of New Zealand, meet only in school holidays, and because every work (except the newly-commissioned one) was sung from memory. ‘Sung’ includes body percussion, actions, sign... read more

‘Does a cappella singing get better than this?’ – Wellington members of the New Zealand Youth Choir

It was gratifying to see the church nearly full for the thirteen members of the choir who sang an interesting and varied programme. Immediately they began, the choir had a wonderful, confident sound.  The opening item, ‘Resonet in laudibus’ was by Jacob Handl, a sixteenth century Slovenian composer also known as Gallus.  The pure sounds in this sympathetic acoustic made it hard to believe that there were so few performers ... read more

An Angel Released – music by Eve de Castro-Robinson

By , 26/07/2011
Listening to the very opening of Releasing the Angel, the first music track on composer Eve de Castro-Robinson's new, eponymously-titled CD from Atoll Records, leaves me "on-the-spot smitten" by the music's attractive tactile quality. How readily those shimmering orchestral sounds fly towards and wrap themselves around and about my ears! - and how, just as tantalizingly, they fall away, leaving the voice of a solo 'cello floating in those same... read more

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