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Pia Palme – Austrian Connections from Caprice Arts

By , 14/08/2009
This concert organized by the enterprising Caprice Arts Trust featured an adventurous array of contemporary music. At the more conservative, conscientiously-constructed end of the spectrum, Denmark's Soren Nils Eichberg's "4 Pieces for Bassoon and Piano" effectively showcased the artistry of their commissioner, New Zealander Ben Hoadley. Much of the first piece involved the bassoon in a dialogue with itself across its different registers, from deep and mellow to high and... read more

The Yeomen of the Guard at the Opera House

By , 14/08/2009

The Yeomen of the Guard is often considered the one G & S comic opera that comes closest to being an ‘opera’; it is a case of a work in an essentially comic genre that ends sadly, with the jester losing his girl.

It becomes poignant because the jester, Jack Point, is sung with such feeling and conviction by Derek Miller; he has... read more

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